Center for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship of the Belarusian State University
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Center for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship of the Belarusian State University
We will advise you both on launching a startup and on further business development.
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Center for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship of the Belarusian State University
Become part of the University's entrepreneurial community!
Center for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship of the Belarusian State University
Become a part of the youth start-up movement!
About us

Starting a business is always scary. It would be ideal to find a person who will lead you along a difficult path with minimal losses and without mistakes, but this happens only in fairytales. Not with us.

The BSU Startup Hub is your motivation and source of experience! This is not only learning and gaining new knowledge, but also a community of friendly people who are engaged in what they love and love what they do.

МИКУЛКО Дмитрий Иванович
Head of the Startup Hub
- chief for startups
- ideological inspirer
- psycho idealist
БРАИМ Екатерина Ивановна
Senior manager
BRAIM Ekaterina
- document flow
- international cooperation
- sponsorship
КОНОНОВИЧ Христина Олеговна
Rights and Laws Manager
- startup school coordinator
- project management
- legal support
ГОМОРИНА Анна Игоревна
Communications Manager
- information support
- work with students
- advertising and PR
Responsible for startup movement at the faculty
There are people behind every business and department, project and startup. If you have any questions, you can always contact those responsible for the startup movement at the faculties!
  • Select the required faculty
  • Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies
  • Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics
  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Economics: Anastasia V. Verigo Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of Biology
  • International Sakharov Environmental Institute
  • Faculty of Journalism
  • School of Business
  • Faculty of Philology

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Golovataya

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Tatiana Aleksandrovna Zheleznyakova

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Andrey Petrovich Bezruchenok

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Anastasia Sergeevna Huseynova

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Ekaterina Anatolyevna Dichkovskaya

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Natalya Vladimirovna Malaya

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Irina Viktorovna Pantyuk

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Alesya Andreevna Pokhomova

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Vadim Sergeevich Mikhailovsky

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Natalia Sergeevna Magon

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Irina Gennadievna Bochilo

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Olga Fedorovna Malashenkova

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Ivan Anatolyevich Russkikh

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Viktor Olegovich Lemeshevsky

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Anna Aleksandrovna Naumenko

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Olga Nikolaevna Kasperovich-Rynkevich

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Alexander Mikhailovich Turovets

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Anastasia Vladimirovna Davydova

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After a year of work we

Have trained

more than 70 students and employees of the University were trained in key aspects of entrepreneurship.


partners from the business community to provide expert and mentoring support for start-up projects.


more than 35 events, trainings, round tables, master classes and seminars.


5 projects trained at a startup school.

Come if you want to improve your skills, look at interesting projects or declare yourself and find like-minded people!

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What we offer:

techniques and tools to grow your business
methods of achieving goals and developing entrepreneurial thinking
unique knowledge from successful entrepreneurs

Here you can fulfill your potential and unleash talents which you did not know about. Because we teach. Because we love the brave. Because we are ready to go with you to the end!

Our graduates
Диана Ковалёва
Graduate of the first startup school "SITO"
Diana Kovaleva
Director of Erfarung LLC - cleaning service for hostels “Cleaning BSU”
Арман Алексанян
Graduate of the first startup school "SITO"
Arman Aleksanyan
Director of Dynamic Growth LLC - Fresh Bar BSU cafe chain
Анастасия Ларина
Graduate of the first startup school "SITO"
Anastasia Larina
Individual entrepreneur.
Founder of the project "TEXT" - an online course for those who use text as a tool in their work.

StartUp Space

The project of the Students Union and the Startup Hub of BSU, the purpose of which is to create a university community interested in the development of youth entrepreneurship, including innovative.

StartUp Space is for those who have ideas and desire to do business!

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The procedure for selecting projects wishing to create their own businesses or commercialize the results of their scientific activities with the granting of the resident status of the BSU Startup Hub.

We help students start their own business and bring their most daring projects to life. Have an idea for a startup, but don’t know how to implement it? We will teach you!

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